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Roof Cleaning & Repair

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  • Roof Maintenance Programs
  • Skylights
  • Termite Damage and Dry rot Repair
  • Ceiling and Drywall Repair and Texture
  • Siding Repair and Complete Replacement
  • Patio Covers and Wood Decks

You may be wondering "how does dry rot start"? Dry rot starts when a spore finds untreated timber in un-ventilated, damp areas. It grows a body called the hyphenium, which resembles a small bit of raw liver. The body feeds on the moisture and cellular material of the timber, drying it out until it becomes a crumbling mass of sawdust.

How to repair dry rot and termite damage?

Most roofers and termite repairmen may not understand that fascia and eave board dry rot damage originates from the roof. Dry rot or termite damage to the fascia or under the eaves of a roof is almost always a symptom of a roof leak. If you hire a contractor and he just removes the boards attached to or under your roof you will have only solved half you problem. Why, by removing the dry rot you are only treating the symptom. It is critical that the contractor finds the root cause of the dry rot and makes sure it is properly addressed. If not, the roof will continue to leak and the dry rot will return. This is why a one or two year roof repair warranty can be worthless and doing repairs not designed to last can be the most expensive roof repair you can do.

If you live in a house that has a tile roof chances are you have or will have the need for a roofing contractor. Tile roofs done by builders often fail because the simple maintenance and up keep is not done. Most homeowners we work with weren't aware that besides fixing the leaks there are so many other things that need to be checked and done in order to give your roof a clean bill of health for the upcoming rainy season. It is best to call us out when it is not raining and we have more time to properly inspect your roof. A proper roof inspection can reveal underlying issues that can lead to dry rot, roof leaks, and premature roof failure. These things are preventable if caught in time. If you're are looking to get your roof to last as long as it should and get that leak stopped then schedule an appointment today.

Commercial Roof Repair and Maintenance:

Commercial roofs are the most unappreciated aspects of any commercial property. They are often used for storage of trash from the various trades and because the lack of personal oversight and the hidden design the work that gets done is not usually what you would expect. Because we equip our foreman with digital cameras and require that pictures be taken at various intervals as they do repair work we don't have those issues. The jobs are neat and clean and proper repair techniques and protocols are always followed and filed through the proper chain of command.

Skylight and Chimney Leak Repair:

When you get a wet or damaged drywall under or around a skylight or chimney it almost always is because the flashing around them needs to be replaced. Many roofers like to take the shortcut of reusing this flashing or caulking the flashing. In order to properly fix the roof around a skylight or chimney you will have to remove a significant amount of tile and felt paper. With the tile and felt gone you can then remove the dome and the flashing. We then hand fabricate new saddle flashing for the back of the leaking skylight, chimney, or fireplace, new tile pan, and new roof to wall flashing.

We also offer extended warranties if we install the necessary water shield around those critical flashing areas on your roof.

Roof Cleaning & Repair
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Gutter Cleaning
dry rot and termite damage

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